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3 PC Games Like Angry Birds You Should Try | TheDailyBuggle

3 PC Games Like Angry Birds You Should Try


What makes those games like Angry Birds so intriguing to the smartphone masses? With this article, we will be attempting to not only pinpoint some aspects of Angry Birds that make it so enjoyable, but also we will show you a couple of games like Angry Birds that can be played on a PC.

First step, let’s take a look at some aspects that make Angry Birds what it is. In Angry Birds, you have a team of birds somehow slighted by a team of pigs. I think they took their eggs or something but the story line really isn’t what makes the game so fun and addictive. In the game, the user uses a slingshot to toss the birds at makeshift buildings housing the pigs. The object is to figure out the trick to take out each one of the pigs with the allotted number of birds.

It turns out that it is a puzzle game where strategy is needed. Well, strategy is supposed to be utilized but if you’re like many users, you may be guilty of just hazardously flinging birds until you win. You’re supposed to think it through, win each level using the least number of birds as possible, and damage as mush of the building materials as possible to earn as many stars as possible.

Here are a few flash-based games like Angry Birds that you can play on your PC that incorporate the use of strategy while knocking buildings down.

Games Like Angry Birds #1. Building Blaster

games like angry birds

In Building Blaster, you play the part of a demolitionist trying to knock down buildings — a theme for all games like Angry Birds. You’re given three pieces of dynamite with varying strengths and the ability to modify the timing on each. Use strategy to make the most damage and win the most points (I think in the form of money). Fun, addictive, destroying buildings, and the use of strategy.

Games Like Angry Birds #2. Crush the Castle

games like angry birds

Among all of the games like Angry Birds, I believe Crush the Castle is the closest in terms of style. In Crush the Castle, you are summoned by the king to lay siege on area castles in order to destroy them before they attack you. That’s the story anyway. Instead of a slingshot, you are given a catapult and various sizes and amounts of stones to throw at the enemy castles. The object is to kill every castle-goer on the screen. I subtract points for the show of red (obviously depicting blood) when a character dies. Flinging stuff, destroying castles, the use of strategy all make Crush the Castle very much one of the games like Angry Birds.

Games Like Angry Birds #3. Sieger

games like angry birds

Sieger is a lot like Castle Crusher in that you are out to destroy castles and to kill the inhabitants. It’s different from the other games like Angry Birds in that you actually fling the objects from the direction of yourself facing the castle, almost like first person shooter style. Another caveat is that in many cases, the castles are holding hostages which you are to free. In order to free them, you have to leave them totally untouched while getting ride of the captors. In this game, there is castle destruction and strategy both present, just like other games like Angry Birds.

Those were just a few of the games like Angry Birds that you can play on your PC. They each take strategy to destroy some sort of building.

There is another game like Angry Birds that pops into my mind when I think about Angry Birds and it’s only a little because strategy is also involved and more to do with animals inflicting cartoonish revenge on one another. Remember the Worms series of games? Oh yeah! In college, we would get like six players going taking turns on the infamous Worms Armageddon. Unfortunately, I’m sure that not only ages me but it may be hard to get a version of Worms going on a more recent version of Windows. That being said, check out Hedgewars. It’s a very well made Worms clone that is free to download and play and there is a version for Windows available.

In case you’re wondering, you can also play Angry Birds on the PC. Here’s how: How To Play Angry Birds On The PC.

We’ve mentioned only a few games like Angry Birds that can be played on a PC. What are your favorite Angry Birds-type games? Share in the comments!

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Tim is a 30 something year old kid at heart. He has been working on and at computers ever since high school. He enjoys finding new and interesting sites that are useful to the every day person. He has been helping and training people on tech-related issues for years and doesn't see himself stopping any day soon. He writes at his own blog
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  1. “angry birds” is the game like…
    “Crush the Castle”

    not vice versa…

    • I disagree, angry birds is much better than crush the castle.
      imagine it like the champions league final- ‘nick clegg gets to meet barcelona’ as opposed to ‘barcelona get to meet nick clegg’ (after the match)

      • Crush the Castle came first, whether it is better or not is of no consequence.

  2. She’s a better player than the last one.
    She = AngryBird

  3. Nice collection.. I love ab, now fall into these too. 🙂 😀

  4. You can find all angry birds similar games on

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