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Best Of Cydia: 10 Must-Add Sources for Cydia Apps | TheDailyBuggle

Best Of Cydia: 10 Must-Add Sources for Cydia Apps


The following is a “best of Cydia” list, containing the 10 must-have sources for Cydia apps (Cydia repos) to make your iOS experience more rewarding. Read on to find out what the best of Cydia has to offer.

The advantage of running a jailbroken iOS device, whether iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad, is that you get the best of Cydia and what it has to offer: packages and tweaks that Apple would otherwise never allow in their closed system would enhance your user experience and bring more useful functionality to your device. Combine that with customizations like themes, ringtones, video wallpapers, lockscreen modifiers etc, and you got a very decent user experience. There is, however, one catch, and that is where to get all these cool applications/packages from? Obviously Cydia, but which are the repository sources for Cydia that have these apps?

Before I delve into listing down my picks for the best, please understand that not all of these sources for Cydia apps are safe or legal. A lot of them offer warez i.e. cracked applications, from both Cydia and Apple’s App Store. Others may even contain malware and corrupted content, so be aware of the risks that you’re taking before choosing to use any of these. We won’t be responsible for any damage, and you have been warned so be careful!

best of cydia

Best Of Cydia #1. Repository

At number one of the best sources for Cydia apps list is because it’s probably the most important, at least in my opinion. Adding this source gives you access to Installous, an app that allows you to install most premium App Store apps for free and try them before making the actual purchase.

Cydia repo address:

best of cydia

Best Of Cydia #2. Insanelyi Repository

This source for Cydia apps is my personal favorite, mainly because of the huge number of tweaks, apps, themes, etc. that it stores, and the fact that it updates really fast. While Insanelyi also offers premium Cydia content for free, their packages are never outdated and problem-free. A must-have source for Cydia apps for all jailbroken iOS device owners.

Cydia repo address:

best of cydia

Best Of Cydia #3. xSellize Repository

This is one big repository that offers a lot of content, particularly game emulators for iPhone and iPod Touch. Other features of xSellize include some nice retina-display themes, iPad HD themes and even a few useful tweaks like Cycorder and Cyntact — definitely a must-add source for Cydia apps.

Cydia repo address:

best of cydia

Best Of Cydia #4. iHacksRepo

Like Insanelyi, this source for Cydia apps is also a highly-recommended one for iPhone 4 and iPod Touch 4G users. Not only does it contain loads of essential tweaks and mods, it’s also packed with ROMs, emulators, themes and ringtones, etc. It is also one of those repos that distribute premium content for free.

Cydia repo address:

best of cydia

Best Of Cydia #5. SiNful iPhone Repository

The SiNful iPhone repo has never been my personal favorite, but it hosts a huge collection of warez apps from the Cydia store. Their packages are not always up to date, but they have a huge community support in the form of a forum. Some famous apps available on SiNful iPhone include BiteSMS, MyWi, Attachment Saver, iRealSMS, FaceBreak, iFile, iBlueNova and much more.

Cydia repo address:

source for cydia

Best Of Cydia #6. HackYouriPhone Repository

An Italian Cydia repo, this is a pretty good source for Cydia apps such as themes and lockscreen mods, including animated lockscreens. They also host some nice HD themes for Winterboard.

Cydia repo address:

source for cydia

Best Of Cydia #7. BiteYourApple Repository

Just another Cydia repository offering themes, ringtones, wallpapers and mods. BiteYourApple also contains all packages from, so you can do with adding just one. What makes this a must-have source for Cydia apps is the inclusion of some famous packages like WiFi Sync, Folder Enhancer, Frash Toggle, GroupSMS, Insomnia Pro, etc.

Cydia repo address:

source for cydia

Best Of Cydia #8. iPhoneCake Repository

This Cydia repository is as delicious as its name sounds, because it hosts the AppCake app. AppCake is an Installous alternative which has the double advantage of not only giving access to premium App Store apps for free, but also providing cracked versions of paid Cydia apps. Check out their official website as well.

Cydia repo address:

source for cydia

Best Of Cydia #9. YourCydiaRepo

A nice source for Cydia apps especially for those interested in mods and tweaks without having to browse through lists and lists of themes and wallapaper packs, which are absent on YourCydiaRepo. It also does not host any cracked app, so all you’ll get is either paid or free stuff. Definitely worth a try for all tweaking enthusiasts.

Cydia repo address:

source for cydia

Best Of Cydia #10. iSpazio Repository

The official Cydia repository of the Italian iPhone website, iSpazio, hosts a large selection of ringtones, themes and tweaks, including those for SMS. This repository also specializes in being the home of some of the best lockscreen tweaks and themes.

Cydia repo address:

source for cydia

These are my picks for best of cydia and the 10 must-have sources for Cydia apps. There are loads more out there, and if you have a favorite of your own, let us know through your comments.

About author
Aatif is a project manager by profession and a gadget-freak at heart. Being a techno-phile since high school, he developed a keep interest in mobile devices and settled with the iOS platform after experimenting through everything else. Being an avid internet user, Aatif likes to brag (tweet) about it through @aatoo
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  1. Awesome thanks for all the sources!

    • Thanks for reading!

  2. When you post these repos, did you ever consider that most of them has mainly cracked apps? By posting these you support piracy! There’s a lot of cydia devs that has worked hard to create these apps and are selling them om Cydia to earn a buck. This article made the daily buggle look bad

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    • Lol

  3. How did you change the font for your i device pls reply

  4. do you know any that you can find hacks for games in the appstore

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  8. Thank you for this article. I never had the insanelyi or xSellize sources and I’m glad I do now. 🙂

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