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How To Fix Common PlayStation 3 Problems and PlayStation Network Problems | TheDailyBuggle

How To Fix Common PlayStation 3 Problems and PlayStation Network Problems


Sony’s PlayStation 3 is a technological marvel, so much so that its hardware it still one of the best technologies in the home console market despite being released over 4 years ago. That’s not to say that it doesn’t suffer from its fair share of problems as Sony has never been exceptional at the software side of things, and the recent PlayStation Network hacking scandal is a harsh reminder of that fact.

So, minor issues with the console and its internet interface, the PlayStation Network, are to be expected and you should try out the following simple fixes before hitting the panic button and sending in the console for repairs.

playstation 3 problems

Common Errors

It can be quite infuriating when these PlayStation error codes pop up on the screen or your console become unresponsive while you’re enjoying a movie or playing a game on your beloved PlayStation 3, but fear not, because a simple fix is usually right around the corner.

PlayStation 3 Problems #1. The Internal Clock Error

This PlayStation error code 8001050F should not be popping up on the screen these days unless your PlayStation 3 was lying under a rock somewhere or is from a really old lot. Basically, what happened was that in February 2010, some fat PlayStation 3’s faced a major fault in their firmware, causing them to refuse access to PlayStation Network and even stop playing games effectively rendering them useless. The problem was the internal clock for these consoles, which considered 2010 to be a leap year, and went haywire when February 29 did not come.

playstation 3 problems

If you get the infamous Playstation error code today, it’s most likely that you need a firmware update for your console or it might be a temporary PlayStation Network problem. The solution is to simply update the firmware via USB or through the internet or if your console is up to date, just check back later to see if the PlayStation Network problem has been resolved.

PlayStation 3 Problems #2. Trouble Reading Discs

In case your console is having trouble reading discs, you might come across the PlayStation error code 80010514. Obviously, the first thing you would want to do is check the disc for scratches, finger prints and just general dust or dirtiness. The best way to get rid of the problem is to check and see whether the problem lies with the disc or with the console. If its the console, you probably have to send your PlayStation 3 in for repairs, but disc errors are usually solvable by switching discs or cleaning the disc, as mention earlier.

playstation 3 problems

PlayStation 3 Problems #3. Network Server Timeout

In case of a network server timeout while attempting to connect to the network server, you get the PlayStation error code 80710723. This can happen due to several reasons – slow internet connection or a high traffic load on your ISP. Your best best is to try and reset your internet and see if it works, but the alternative, much tougher and generally more effective method is to set up your network, whether wired or wireless, from scratch in order to avoid conflicting devices.

PlayStation 3 Problems #4. Failure To Access Data From External Source

This commonly shows up as PlayStation error code 8001002b and is because the PlayStation 3 cannot access the data in your external hard disk, USB drive, SD card or any other source. The best possible way to get rid of this is to connect the external device again after checking all the connections of the device. The problem may also lie with the cable, so try a different device or cable and see if that helps — sometimes compatibility is an issue. Also, try plugging into a different USB port. If multiple devices are failing, you may have a problem with your console and will have to hand it in for repairs.

playstation error codes

PlayStation 3 Problems #4. Unable To Connect To Internet or PlayStation Network

PlayStation error code 80710102 rears it ugly head when the PlayStation 3 is unable to connect to the internet and might be because of incorrect information entered while setting up the connection. Most likely, however, the internet connection is at fault and might be due to a faulty wire, or in case of wireless, a weak signal.

Another iteration is the PlayStation error code 80710092, which renders you unable to connect to the Internet or PlayStation Network whether it’s to sign-in, access account settings, connect to a game online, or access or purchase from the PlayStation Store. This might be due to a scheduled maintenance or above mentioned issues with your internet connection.

Visit Sony PlayStation’s Blog or the PlayStation Forums to check on the status of PlayStation Network. If the issue is caused by a scheduled maintenance, you will have to wait till it’s fixed. If no server maintenance is taking place, then go to Network on your XMB, select the Internet Browser and try opening any website. If unable to do so, the issue might lie with the ISP and you will need to contact them for help.

PLayStation error code 80130182 is also part of the errors related to internet connectivity and is because the PlayStation 3 can’t detect a signal or a connection, and the most simple fix for that is to shut down and restart the system. You may also encounter PlayStation error codes 8002ad23 or 8002a548, which means that the PlayStation 3 is having difficulties contacting the PlayStation Network. Try connecting to the PlayStation Store and if you are able to connect to the store, the console is able to connect to the PlayStation Network and the issue is with the game. It could be that PlayStation Network is undergoing maintenance or there is heavy congestion on the ISP’s network.

PlayStation error code 8001050f is also a PlayStation Network problem and means that the PlayStation Network is down, and the only solution is to attempt to connect at a later time.

playstation network problem

PlayStation 3 Problems #5. HDMI Reverts To SD

In case you are having trouble with getting the HDMI feed set up properly and the console resets back to standard definition content, the solution is simply to hold down the PlayStation 3’s power button until you hear beeps and the system shuts down. Turn the system on again by holding down the power button for about 5 seconds, and you will hear another beep, allowing the device to auto-detect the HDMI cable once it boots up again.

PlayStation 3 Problems #6. System Updates Causing Boot Problems

This is a major PlayStation 3 problem, and one which throws of many buyers from the system, and even though Sony rolls out many updates regularly, reports of the system locking up, freezing or refusing to boot are fairly common. These PlayStation 3 problems are mostly common for users who have upgraded their hard drives and you are less likely to get any problems if you have not tampered with the system. For others who just couldn’t resist the allure of higher capacity drives, the only option is to wait for an update from Sony or bring your PlayStation 3 for repairs to a Sony Center.


All consoles, even the best ones on the market are prone to common faults and errors, and it is highly recommended that players back up their data periodically to save them selves the trouble of having to download all those DLCs, Games, and Demos again, and best of all keep their Trophies intact. Occasionally using the entire system backup function to back up everything in one go is a good idea. Trophy data cannot be saved on an external device, however, so an up to date firmware and PlayStation Network account is a must. Also, being a PlayStation Plus member and having the 3.60 firmware update gives you access to the cloud storage feature that will allow you to individually store locked save files over PlayStation Network.

Which PlayStation 3 problem have you encountered? Were you able to fix it? Tell us all about it in the comments.

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  1. for a period of time now i have not been able to access the playstation store due to an unknown error. i try to acces the playstation store but the playstation tittle shows up then it shows the main playstation screen, and doesnt show any content of the playstation store. i’ve searched online but cant find any way to restore the playstation store.

  2. ok check your connectiion in your router to see f youve forwarded the right ports and have the right security asasigned. 64 bit should work well. and make sure youve got all your saystems up to date and such

  3. My PS3 it gets the ip address and the wifi works. But it wont connect..it sez .. the connection to the server timed out.(80028E06)…

  4. dear playstation 3 networking working let know what go on playstation 3 say not connection to the intersecret

  5. This is important info but did not help me. I can’t sign into PSN no matter what I do.

  6. This is important info but did not help me. I can’t sign into PSN no matter what I do. Thanks for who ever gave all this advice

  7. Hello.everytime i start a match when i start to run the screen glitches and then it looks like I am flying thru the map,it glitches right back where i started.I even tryed other matches can you please get me a better server or send me an email on how to fix my server problem,well thanks,and have a wonderfull day,

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