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New Limited Edition Charity Bundle Offers $326 Worth Of Apps For $40 | TheDailyBuggle

New Limited Edition Charity Bundle Offers $326 Worth Of Apps For $40


TheDailyBuggle strikes again with a new charity bundle. This time around, it’s focused on photography and imaging, helping those who deal with images to be more efficient and save time. It’s not all work — we’ve also included an easy-to-use HDR application, probably the best one out there. Plus, a simple desktop publishing software to help you design your own business cards, you big shot.

The bundle is worth $326. And it’s limited to just 300 copies. Get it now for just $40 and all of the proceeds will be donated to UNICEF. Find out more about the included apps after the jump.

Automata ($199)

For professional photographers, web developers or graphic designers (basically anyone who works with photos and images) should start using Automata. It’s the gold standard of advanced batch image editing.

Automata is a workflow automation software for advanced colour correction, image editing and colour management. It works quietly in the background and can support multiple simultaneous workflows. Amazingly, it’s also possible to chain workflows together and instruct Automata to run pre-/post-processing batch scripts for every file processed.

bundlelytic charity bundle

Automata definitely increases productivity — having individual workflows to convert images to a web-friendly format, crop to a certain size, apply preset colour settings, convert from one image type to another and more is just a huge time-saver.

Automata uses non-destructive layer-based processing for colour and image adjustments. Modified images are saved as a new layer in PSD files.

PhotoEQ ($18)

PhotoEQ is a simple but extremely useful software for batch processing and editing multiple image files and folders that anyone can learn to use. PhotoEQ supports a wide range of image formats including JPEG, JPEG2000, TIFF, PSD, PNG, BMP,PGM, PPM, JPEG XR; and RAW formats such as .dng, .crw, .cr2, .mrw, .nef, .raf, .orf, .pef, .srf, .arw. It is also capable of producing output files in JPEG, TIFF, PNG, BMP and PSD formats!

bundlelytic charity bundle

PhotoEQ is most useful when it comes down to colour correcting multiple images in terms of adjusting the white balance, exposure and contrast. You can also use it to resize, crop, rotate and straighten an entire folder of images automatically. With its split-screen view, PhotoEQ allows you to quickly view the output image and tweak it to meet your preference.

The most unique quality of PhotoEQ is definitely its ability to edit PSD files — by saving the edited image as a new layer in the PSD file, PhotoEQ’s image editing is non-destructive

easyHDR PRO HOME (€35)

easyHDR PRO Home is a very simple to use image processing software that produces and tone maps High Dynamic Range (HDR) images using 3 or more photo sequences taken with any digital camera. It accepts several image formats including JPEG, TIFF, RAW and even Radiance RGBE (.hdr) or 96-bit TIFF HDR images generated by other HDR image processing software. The license provides free updates up until 3.

bundlelytic charity bundle

Creating HDR images with easyHDR PRO Home is a 3-step process: select the images, adjust the settings to your liking, and save! It supports several methods for merging your photo sequence: True HDR (generates a real HDR radiance map), Smart Merge (fusion of differently exposed images), Image Stacking (average of photos). It also offers the option of automatic/manual ghost removal, image alignment, and other post-processing filters like Gaussian blur, sharpen, cropping, etc.

easyHDR PRO Home is also able to tone-map single images via a process called Low Dynamic Range enhancement.

BatchPhoto Home ($34.95)

BatchPhoto Home is a feature-packed batch photo manipulation software which allows you to easily convert, resize, annotate, and rename several photos at once. Among some of its other features is its ability to automatically rotate photos, adjust brightness and contrast settings, adjust the colour balance, correct the saturation and hue, tweak the levels, and sharpen the image.

bundlelytic charity bundle

BatchPhoto provides 18 image effects including Black and White, Implode, Negate, Oil Paint, Charcoal and others. It allows you to add as many effects and adjustments into a workflow and apply the changes to any number of images in an instance.

Additionally, BatchPhoto supports all of the common image formats (JPEG, PNG, BMP, GIF, PCX, EPS, PICT, JP2, JPC, PDF, PSD, SGI, TGA, TIFF, WBMP); and is able to convert them from one format to another. This license provides 12 months of free updates.

SpringPublisher PRO ($23.95)

SpringPublisher is a desktop publisher software that’s capable of designing and printing creative business cards, flyers, postcards, and letterheads. It comes pre-installed with several beautiful example templates. With the Pro version, you’ll gain access to the templates from their online store, along with 100 free download credits.

bundlelytic charity bundle

SpringPublisher simplifies the entire process of creating business cards, flyers, postcards and letterheads really easy by providing default sizes and more importantly, pixel perfect guidelines to placing your elements. It shows you the exact boundaries of your printer. The Pro version also allows you to print at a higher quality of 350 dpi.

Have a look at TheDailyBuggle’s take on SpringPublisher Pro.

Convinced? That’s 5 great apps worth $326 if purchased separately. They can be yours for just $40. Remember, it’s a limited edition charity bundle. Get yours now and all $40 will be donated to UNICEF.

TheDailyBuggle would like to thank all of the participating developers for their generous sponsorship towards this charity bundle.

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