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Newsletter Subscribers Get 7 Ambient Albums by Life Is My Soundtrack | TheDailyBuggle

Newsletter Subscribers Get 7 Ambient Albums by Life Is My Soundtrack


Remember when we launched the newsletter promotional campaign last week and gave out free copies of Pixo? Well, we’re continuing the campaign today and we’ve got 7 beautiful ambient music albums by Life Is My Soundtrack, all free for newsletter subscribers to download. In fact, if you’re a subscriber, you would have received it in your inbox already. Go ahead and check it.

I’m a huge fan of the music by Life Is My Soundtrack so I can’t tell you how pleased I was when Christoper Bright (the artist) agreed to join the newsletter promotion campaign. He also has a message for you:

Hi, TheDailyBuggle readers

I would like people to know that music can be a positive influence in their lives and I hope that the music from Life Is My Soundtrack really helps people, even if it’s only just a little. I know a girl who had serious medical problems and she had to take all these pills to sleep. She listened to some of my music and she was able to sleep without medication. To me, that’s amazing! I’ve talked to people who really focus and concentrate when they listen to my albums and they love it as music or as the emotional feelings it gives them. Other people listen to it really casually and just like it playing while they work or do different activities. My music is always intepreted different by everyone, and I love that!
Christoper Bright

And now, working chronologically, here are the albums that you would have received for free if you were a newsletter subscriber. All of them are in MP3 320kbps format. If you like what you hear, please consider purchasing his albums from Bandcamp (links are available below). If you’re not a subscriber, sign up in the sidebar and you’ll get these albums in a couple of days’ time.

In Twilight – Preview it on Bandcamp

A song to listen to in the dark…

Into The Deep Blue Sea – Preview it on Bandcamp

A journey into the sea, starting at the shoreline and ending with a dive in the open ocean…

Beneath The Deep Blue Sea – Preview it on Bandcamp

The companion piece to “Into The Deep Blue Sea,” combining all of its songs into a new and truly unique experience…

A Silver Cloud – Preview it on Bandcamp

Relaxing piano melodies against a backdrop of cinematic soundscapes…

The Stars In The Sky – Preview it on Bandcamp

A cinematic exploration through the vast expanse of space…

Through The Forest – Preview it on Bandcamp

Travel through the forest, lie under the shade, and listen to the wind in the trees…

Remixes Vol. 1 – Preview it on Bandcamp

Reinterpretations of songs from “A Silver Cloud,” “In Twilight,” and “The Stars In The Sky” combine to imagine the time between sunset and sunrise…

I hope you enjoy these albums by Life Is My Soundtrack! There are more freebies coming your way so sign up for our newsletter to get them!


About author
Jackson Chung, M.D. is the founder of TheDailyBuggle. He is also the Associate Editor for MakeUseOf. When he's not working, you'll find him fiddling with his camera and enjoying chai latté. Catch him (if you can) on Twitter @aenon1mus. He encourages you to join TheDailyBuggle on Facebook and Twitter.
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  1. i dont get it. how do i download the albums?

    • Hey Neerav,

      Once you subscribe, the email inviting you to download the albums will be sent in a couple of days. You’ll also get a lot of other freebies in addition to the music.

  2. Hi Jackson that is a bit dishonest if you ask me. I did not see that we have to wait for a few days.
    The expectation you create is subscribe and the you can download.
    Thats my 2c.

    • Hey Jandre,

      There’s actually a reason for it. Mainly, it’s because that we’re not only giving subscribers free music albums, there are quite a few apps up for grabs as well and more in the future, so we send them out to new subscribers slowly — about one freebie a day, just to spread things out and catch up with what we’ve already given out to current subscribers.

      If you’re an existing subscriber and when we have something new to share, you’ll get it instantly.

    • Oh and just to clear things up, it was stated in the paragraph before the first album — new subscribers will automatically get the download links a few days after.

  3. Jackson,
    It was a great offer, but the filefactory hoops to jump through to do the download were just too much. I clicked on the download link and got the timer that said I had to wait 60 seconds. Then I got another link and a CAPTCHA request. Filled that all out and then …. nothing. I went through the whole process several times with no success. I even tried it again in IE (I was using Firefox). All to no avail. So, nice offer, but I was unable to take advantage of it. Too bad as the samples sounded like something I would like to listen to while I work.

    • Hey Teddy,

      I’ve personally gone through the download procedure with FileFactory and after the 60 seconds wait, the file does download. However, your comments will be taken into consideration and I’ll try to find some alternate links. In the meantime, could you please try again but only download one file at a time.


  4. I’m okay with waiting. It’s funny how people expect so much for free and instant gratification on the internet. We are all a bunch of spoiled children. Good things DO come to those who can wait.

  5. Valuable information. Lucky me I found your website by accident, and I am shocked why this accident did not happened earlier! I bookmarked it.

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