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How To Play Angry Birds On The PC | TheDailyBuggle

How To Play Angry Birds On The PC


Rovio’s addictive game, Angry Birds debuted for Apple iOS in 2009 and can is now available online for Google Chrome on the PC. The game which has been labelled a potential time-waster by many (due to its highly addictive nature) can be downloaded exclusively from the Chrome Web Store and played directly from the browser.

angry birds for the pc

According to the developer’s blog, the Google Chrome version of Angry Birds for the PC is a pre-release version. The Angry Birds team wrote, “This is only a beta release of the game, and so far we have 63 levels of the original game available, with an additional 7 special Chrome levels! We are working on bringing more levels to Chrome, and planning on making the Mighty Eagle available as an in-app purchase option.”

angry birds on pc

Angry Birds for the PC has been downloaded more than 140 million times. In light of that, the developers have launched an online version of the game as well. For those don’t use Google Chrome, head over to http://chrome.angrybirds.com/ to play the Angry Birds online in your browser.

Right now, the game is still in beta so you may encounter minor glitches. Level 1-20 bugs which were reported by early users have been fixed for a better gaming experience.

For those of you who are not yet acquainted with Angry Birds, here’s a short description. Angry Birds is a physics puzzle game featuring birds with destructive anger whose eggs were stolen by green pigs. Users have to help these angry birds dish out revenge on the pigs. Basically, what it means is that you’ll have to destroy the pigs’ castles by shooting the birds strategically at them using slingshots.

angry birds for the pc

There is a reason why Angry Birds have become a global phenomenon and if you assume that it’s child play, then you need to try the game once. Completing the game requires hours of full-on concentration, understanding of physics and logic to take the right shot and obviously the angry birds’ mighty power.

Since Angry Birds was launched on iOS for iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch, this is the very first time users will be experiencing touch-free Angry Birds on the PC.

Download Angry Birds for Google Chrome here. You can also play it online here. Otherwise, download the free iOS version here.

I’m off to play Angry Birds online now. What about you?

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