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How To Send A Text For Free [Android] | TheDailyBuggle

How To Send A Text For Free [Android]


The explosion of cellular data technology has made us addicted to communication. Nowadays, there are so many apps on the iTunes App Store and Android Market that will allow you to connect with friends and send text messages for free to anyone anywhere in the world, circumventing expensive SMS charges. One of the most successful apps that will allow text messaging for free is WhatsApp.

Text messaging for free!

WhatsApp, which is a play on the commonly used phrase “what’s up”, is a multiplatform application (iOS, Android, BlackBerry, Nokia) that allows you send a text for free and limitlessly with your friends, as long as you both have WhatsApp installed. It achieves this by sending text messages over the Internet, so as long as you have a data plan that is inexpensive, you are covered for all of your free text messaging needs!

The app comes as a free download and presently provides a 1-year free trial for all its users. After the year is up, there’s a $1.99/year fee. However, those who purchased the app won’t have to pay for the service — WhatsApp will provide you with its free text messaging service until 2020.

send a text for free

How to send a text for free with WhatsApp

After installing the app from the developer’s website or from the Android Market, WhatsApp asks you for you mobile number. This it requires to verify your mobile phone and their privacy policy states that they’ll never utilize your personal information for nefarious purposes. Once the verification is completed, you only need to set a screen name and get online.

The beauty of WhatsApp lies in the fact that you don’t need to bug your friends about using WhatsApp. It integrates automatically with your Android contacts and automatically finds the people who are already using WhatsApp. Select any contact who is using WhatsApp and sent a text for free to that person. Your text message is sent via data through WhatsApp to the recipient and on the other end, the text message is received automatically.

send a text for free

The interface itself is not complicated and will be a welcome relief from apps that really clutter your screen. Text messaging for free is as easy as pie and integrates very well with the entire Android platform. In addition to sending free text messages, you can also send photos, videos, voice recordings, map locations, and contact information through WhatsApp.

In fact, once you get used to the WhatsApp way of texting, it becomes really tough to revert to the old way and paying your carrier for text messages. The whole experience is very pleasant and the messaging itself seems akin to Blackberry’s messenger service (including instant push messages).

send a text for free

From a customization front, the Settings menu enables you to set different ringtones for different events. You can set a particular notification tone for an individual message, another one for a group conversation, and yet other ones for your specific contacts. There’s no limit on the different kind of tones you can set.

My thoughts on WhatsApp and free text messages

My only gripe with WhatsApp is the fact that it tends to be laggy at times and at such instances, typing text messages out on WhatsApp can border on frustrating. However, in my experience, this has occurred very rarely, so it doesn’t spoil the entire experience in one go. Furthermore, the developers are actually quite active in providing support, so you can expect quick responses to your complaints.

Text messaging for free with WhatsApp is fun, smooth and sexy. And it’s soon become my preferred way to text message. Let us know if it becomes yours as well.

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Abhigyan Banerjee is a software professional with a keen eye for tech. At most times, he's hunched over a keyboard, blazing through work. At others, you'll find him hacking through his Android, reading and writing tech. Follow him on Twitter (@abhigyanb) or on Facebook.
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  1. Android users call WhatsApp : Super Battery Killer.

    • Really? Do you know an alternative app?

  2. Google voice app lets you send and receive texts free using your google voice # and your contacts don’t have to run a special app to receive.

    • However, Google Voice isn’t available all over the world. And technically, you do need an app for Google Voice as well. Especially on the other platforms like iOS.

      • Bottom line…if you need a special app to send and receive it’s not a text message…it’s an instant message and there are plenty of apps like trillian, imo.im etc to handle that.

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