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4 Everyday Uses For Disposable USA Phone Numbers [Giveaway] | TheDailyBuggle

4 Everyday Uses For Disposable USA Phone Numbers [Giveaway]


Why would you need a disposable phone number? Most people will instantly assume that it’s for prank calling. Truthfully, there are several very legit reasons to be using a disposable phone number. In fact, there are so many everyday uses for disposable phone numbers that you’d be baffled at why you haven’t been using one all this time.

Here are several uses for disposable phone numbers. And we’ll be giving away 10 beta invitations to use 1dl.us’ new, free disposable USA phone number service!

Disposable Phone Number Uses #1. Buying and/or selling online

One of the most typical uses for disposable phone numbers is for online advertising and transactions. For instance, you might want to place a number on Craigslist or eBay to your potential customers to ring you up. However, publishing your real phone number online for the world to see isn’t such a smart thing to do. This is where a disposable phone number comes in handy. Instead of your real phone number, just publish your disposable phone number instead. When the transaction is over, deactivate the disposable phone number.

disposable phone numbers

Disposable Phone Number Uses #2. Filling forms online

When filling in forms online, sometimes, you’ll be asked to submit a phone number. Most of the time, a USA phone number is required. Having a disposable USA phone number in such instances is handy, not only to successfully fill in the online form but to also avoid potential telemarketers. If you start receiving unwanted calls, just switch your disposable phone number.

disposable phone numbers

Disposable Phone Number Uses #3. New acquaintances

Meeting new people is always an interesting event. Most of the time, you won’t be able to size them up before you’re asked to exchange phone numbers. If you have a disposable phone number, just give that out. Once you get to know the person better, you might want to consider offering your real phone number instead. Otherwise, just deactivate or switch your disposable phone number and never hear from that person again! How convenient.

disposable usa phone numbers

Disposable Phone Number Uses #4. Work purposes

If you manage a company, you’ll know that it’s probably more convenient to have a particular phone number for a specific purpose. As an example, say you’re hiring new employees and placed an advert online or in the newspaper. Publish a disposable phone number dedicated to that purpose and as soon as you hire someone, cut the disposable phone number and you won’t have to hear from any unwanted applicants.

disposable usa phone numbers

Getting a disposable phone number

There are a few disposable phone number services available on the Internet — most of them, you’ll have to pay for, and a few are free. Luckily, you’ll be able to have access to a disposable USA phone number today, courtesy of 1dl.us.

disposable usa phone numbers

1dl.us is an online suite of useful tools, providing easy access to disposable email address, remote support, image hosting and more. Their disposable phone number service is currently in closed beta but we have 10 beta invitations to give away this week!

To begin using 1dl.us’ disposable phone number service, you need to be logged in. So create an account using the Sign in/Register link in the top right hand corner.

disposable usa phone numbers

After registering for an account or signing in, and by using one of the beta invitation links that we’ll be giving away, you’ll be able to access their disposable phone number service. In fact, you’ll be provided with a disposable USA phone number right away. While the service is in beta, it can only forward calls to US numbers.

The system works with extensions, so your disposable phone number remains the same but the extension can be changed at any time. By requesting for a new extension, you’re essentially getting a new line but the disposable phone number won’t change. In my opinion, this makes it slightly easier for the user in the sense that we won’t need to memorise new numbers all the time.

This week, we’ll be giving away 10 beta invitations to us 1dl.us‘ new disposable phone number service!


Here’s how you can be in the running to win one for yourself.

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This giveaway begins now and ends on Friday, November 11th. The winners will be selected at random and announced via email.

Spread the word to your friends and have fun!

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